Radical legacy


Local, regional, national and international networks

Please add contact details and information about any activities that are



Scotland: SMRI, University of Stirling (Jacquie L’Etang and Derek Hodge),

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (Magda Pieczka)


North England: University of Central Lancashire (Julia Jahansoozi and Paul Elmer),             Leeds Metropolitan University (Lee Edwards and Liz Yeomans)



One response to “Radical legacy

  1. Kia Ora Tatou! and Ceud Mille Failte to any Teuchtars lurking about!

    I ‘stumbled’ upon this site and thought it looked interesting–especially as my good friend, that ‘lad o’ pairts’ has his name here. Greetings from the land down under and best wishes to you and yours on this venture. I await the manifesto and call to arms.

    Thought I’d start the rush to print with some pawky points and pure,brilliant wit–or something like that.

    Look forward to meeting up in December.

    Regards and remember-make fun not war,
    ps BTW- is there a deeper message in the use of that geographical and historical reference and phallic symbol of the battle for freedom from hegemony in Stirling?

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