Gustavo A Yepes Lopez

Currently serves as Director of Social Management Area of the Faculty of Business Administration from Externado University of Colombia, where he also directs the group “Research Management and Social Responsibility”. He is part of the committee of 180 ICONTEC (Colombian Guide of CSR). Works as teacher at the inter-school initiative Corporate Social Responsibility – ERSE, and as a member of the editorial board of the journal RS (Social Responsibility).

He is expert in the design and implementation of programmes to promote and corporate development and corporate social responsibility, has served as a teacher, researcher and consultant on issues of corporate social responsibility, business development and social management for recognized academic institutions, large enterprises, social organizations, government institutions and multilateral agencies.

Gustavo A Yepes Lopez, is Business Administrator of the Pontificia Javeriana University, Master in Business Administration from Externado University of Colombia, aspirant to the title of Doctor in Business Administration at the Antonio de Nebrija University (Spain). He is co-writer of the book “The Corporate Social Responsibility, fundamentals and applications in Today’s Organizations” and “Leadership evolution and Conceptualization”, among several other articles and researches.

Director Gestión Social
Facultad de Administración de Empresas
Universidad Externado de Colombia
Calle 12 No 1 17 – Este, Bogotá – Colombia
Tel 57 – 1 – 2826066 Ext 1261 o 1262

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