Gustavo A Yepes López

Perception about Corporate Social Responsibility: Colombian Case

The responsible behavior of the brands not only depend of theirs owns interest or compromise with the economics, politics and social topics; but also, they promote the appearance of several factors that became in arguments of pression in order that the companies have a responsible behavior in their own communities.

Even the biggest multinational organization could be vulnerable to the pression from the civil social organizations, activist groups or the consumers. They can affect or generate chances in the companies that are not committed with the environment.

In the Colombian industry environment the companies cannot identify the social responsibility tendency. The business competitiveness risk is having more protagonists, for this reason the proposal of this document is presented the founding’s in the research of Citizen Perception from the Company Behavior (PECCE) made in 2006 for the Business Management Faculty at the Externado de Colombia University in agreement with the Corporative Social Responsibility Observatory from Spain.

In the research study shows that Bogota, Colombia, recognize the importance of the social responsible management even when it has not a specific value because the citizenship don´t participate actively in associations or groups that follow the changes in the company behavior.

In the other hand, the research also found nether people has not information about the company behavior or the environment impact before the buy the products, nor they have evidence for the ecologic products or “social and green labels”. But they have clear which are the possible alternatives in order to have an impact in the company behavior when we can identify in first place the complains to the companies with 26%, in second place we can found the alternative of not buy negative products with 24% and in third place with 22% is the complain to the authority.

In conclusion, the research allows identifying the factors that promote the responsible actions from the companies in Colombia even it is recognized from the consumers, social organizations and pression groups that these actions are not a priority.

The Company Social Responsibility (CSR) could be consider as the new challenge for the business sector in Colombia. The implementation and performance depends the economic viability of each company and indirectly way from the national competitiveness. For this reason is important the involvement and compromise from all sectors from the society for the promotion and establish the programs that promote de social responsibility from the Colombian companies.

Autor: Gustavo A Yepes López
Director Gestión Social
Facultad de Administración de Empresas
Universidad Externado de Colombia

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