This web site has been created to support Radical PR: alternative visions and future directions, an international roundtable to be held at the University of Stirling from 30th June 30th – 2nd July, 2008.

There’s some information about this event here.

We’ll be posting more information, including the full conference programme and abstracts, as it becomes available.

2 responses to “Welcome

  1. I will be updating this website together with my colleague Derek Hodge (research interest: PR and technology) on a regular basis between now and the conference.

    I’m looking forward to meeting everybody and seeing where we can take PR!

  2. We received the following from Derina Holtzhausen

    ‘Please convey my best wishes for this initiative to all those attending and tell them that I would have loved to be there. I hope this is the first of many such meetings and I will be in a much stronger position to attend in the future. Please stay in touch and I would love to have any papers or proceedings from the conference if that is at all possible.
    Again, congratulations on this wonderful venture and best of luck with your first round table.’

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