Message from Jacquie & Magda

Dear Co-Radicals

It was so good to meet up and talk. The weather was miserable but everything else was not: interesting papers and a great atmosphere of shared purpose.

Despite the time set aside for discussions we seem to have run out of time anyway. So the debate about who and what we are will have to continue through blogs for a while.

Connections made over sandwiches and meringues will no doubt develop – hopefully into shared projects, but equally usefully into ways of getting support, sympathetic hearing and mentoring.

On this note, we would like to say thank you to Nilam Ashra, the only PhD student around our radical roundtable. Your presentation has truly brought something we have not quite seen before in public relations research: so thank you for your guts and best wishes for the next few months. See you on the other side of your viva and looking forward to seeing you in print.

Jacquie and Magda


New Radical PR site – Open Now!!!

Hello everyone!


Eric and I have set up the new Radical PR site, and I’ve created accounts for you all. I will email your username and password to you directly, so please visit and get posting…


Best wishes




Radical legacy


Local, regional, national and international networks

Please add contact details and information about any activities that are



Scotland: SMRI, University of Stirling (Jacquie L’Etang and Derek Hodge),

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (Magda Pieczka)


North England: University of Central Lancashire (Julia Jahansoozi and Paul Elmer),             Leeds Metropolitan University (Lee Edwards and Liz Yeomans)



Thanks from the Stirling Team

Radical PR Participants

Radical PR Participants

Thank you so much for taking time to travel to Stirling for the Radical PR conference.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and found the three days stimulating.

 Jacquie, Derek, Alison




Internet Access

We have arranged for all of you attending next week’s roundtable to have access to the University of Stirling’s computer network.  You will all be supplied with a username and password  and will be able to use  machines  in any of the computer labs on campus. There are two of these labs, each with over 20 machines, within a minute’s walk of the rooms being used for the Roundtable.

For those of you bringing your own laptops WiFi access to the network will be available through the University’s Campus Net service which covers the rooms being used.  We will have a technician on hand on Monday (morning and lunchtime)  for anyone who needs help to set up a connection.

The WiFi service in the University is not open access and there’s software that needs to be installed before you can use it.

Critical Marketing

Douglas Brownlie, Professor of Marketing at the University of Stirling, is guest editor for a special edition of the Journal of Marketing Management to be  entitled “Expanding Disciplinary Space- On the Potential of Critical Marketing”.

Douglas, who will hopefully be making a presentation next week, thought this might be relevent to people attending the Radical PR event and invites anyone interested to look at his call for papers.   The deadline for submission is September 1st, 2008.

Major Update

Lots of work on the today. I’ve updated the programme and added loads of abstracts and a few more potted biographies.


This web site has been created to support Radical PR: alternative visions and future directions, an international roundtable to be held at the University of Stirling from 30th June 30th – 2nd July, 2008.

There’s some information about this event here.

We’ll be posting more information, including the full conference programme and abstracts, as it becomes available.