Steering Committee

Jesper Falkheimer, PhD, as Associate Professor and Head at the Department of Communication Studies (IKS) at Lund University (Campus Helsingborg), Sweden. He has published six books and several articles in public relations and media research. In 2006 he was a visiting researcher at Stirling University. His main research interest are in crisis communications, news management and place branding/communication geography. e-mail:

Jacquie L’Etang PhD is author of Public relations: concepts, practice and critique (2008, Sage) and Public relations in Britain: a history of professional practice (2004, Lawrence Erlbaum) and co-editor (with Magda Pieczka) of Critical perspectives in pubic relations (1996, ITBP) and Public relations: critical debates and contemporary practice (2006, Lawrence Erlbaum ). She has written more than 40 book chapters and articles, is currently writing a book on sports PR for Sage, and has strong interests in tourism and religion. E-mail:

David McKie PhD is a Professor in the Management Communication Department of Waikato Management School. He wrote one of the earliest books on the cultural and social dimensions of environmental impacts for Sage in 1997 and a 2007 book on Reconfiguring Public Relations: Ecology, Equity, and Enterprise. Including forthcoming work, he will soon have published: 22 book chapters, 44 refereed journal articles, and delivered over 50 international conference papers. David is the CEO of RAM Consulting international and works as a change, leadership, and strategic communication consultant. He is currently co-writing books on Leadership and Action Research. E-mail:

Magda Pieczka, PhD lectures at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She co-edited both Critical Perspectives in Public Relations (Thomson, 1996) and its expanded new edition Public Relations: Critical Debates and Contemporary Practice (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006). She is co-editor of the Journal of Communication Management and on the editorial board of both the Journal of Public Relations Research and Prism, an online journal. She recently received a Top Paper award at International Communication Association conference (ICA). Her research interests include public relations expertise, and issues concerning professionalism. She teaches subjects including public relations, political communication and research methods, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, contributing to the MSc in Public Relations and the CIPR Diploma.


Jordi Xifra is Professor of Public Relations at the University of Girona (Spain) and president of the Spanish Association of Public RelationsResearchers. He has published books on the theory of public relations, strategic planning, and lobbying. Also, he has published articles in leading journals in the field. His research is focused on public relations theory,political public relations and, recently, stateless nation- buildingprocesses and public paradiplomacy.

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