Ryszard Ławniczak

Ryszard Ławniczak is a professor at the Poznan University of Economics, Poznan, and Head of the Department of Economic Journalism and Public Relations. He was visiting professor at University of Melbourne 1991) and California State University, Fresno (1984 and 1991). His academic research interests include international public relations, foreign economic policies and comparative economic systems.

He served as the economic advisor to the President of Republic of Poland (1997 – 2005) and is the President of the Western Chapter of Polish Public Relations Association. He coined to concept of “transitional public relations” and presented it in the first Polish PR books published in English: “Public relations contribution to transition in central and Eastern Europe. Research and practice” and ” “Introducing market economy institutions and Instruments: The role of Public relations in transition economies” He also contributed a chapter to “Spanning borders, spanning cultures: Public relations in a global setting”.