Liz Yeomans

Liz Yeomans is a principal lecturer in communications and public relations at Leeds Metropolitan University, England. She has worked in PR and communication management within three government departments and in local government. Liz has a BA in English and Media Studies (University of Southampton) and an MSc in Public Relations from the University of Stirling. Her PhD (ongoing) examines the concept of ‘emotion work’ in PR. Liz is interested in connecting sociology to public relations using constructivist methodologies and narrative analysis.

She has published articles in the Journal of Communication Management, the Journal of Public Affairs and has an article forthcoming in Corporate Communications: an International Journal. Liz is contributing author and co-editor of a textbook (with Professor Ralph Tench) for FT/Prentice Hall entitled Exploring Public Relations. She maintains her interest in public sector practice through judging the annual CIPR Local Government Excellence awards.