Inger Jensen

  • Born 1943, Danish.
  • Master degree in Psychology from Copenhagen University 1972. Masters dissertation in social psychology.
  • Assistant Professor (1972-1976) and from 1976- Associate Professor in social sciences at Roskilde University in Denmark.
  • One of the initiators of the master’s degree program in public relations at Roskilde University. This study program is a cross-disciplinary combined study of business studies and language and communication.
  • External examiner in social psychology at Copenhagen University and Aarhus University since 1978 –
    Research and teaching areas: Strategic Processes, Business Ethics, Organisational Legitimacy, Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Competence and Public Relations.
  • Research co-operation with Copenhagen University in research project on Competence- from an organisational perspective. (1979-2001).
  • Responsible for a Danida project in Bhutan. The objective of the project is capacity building – within social sciences and research methods – of the teaching staff at an educational institution, Royal Institute of Management. The project started in 1999 as a combination of periods of supervision of research projects on location and periods of distance contact.
  • Since 1978 member of research network on Agents and Institutions – on opening the borderlines between economics and sociology. The network is international with original roots in Department of Social Sciences at Roskilde University
  • Board member and chairman of Research Committee of EUPRERA (European public relations education and research association); (1994-)
  • President elect 2006, president 2007 of EUPRERA
  • Member of the jury of EUPRERA-students award.
  • Supervisor of Ph.D. students in public relations.
  • Member or chairmen of a number of academic appointment committees.
  • During several election periods head of Business Studies and of Public Relations Studies at University of Roskilde.
  • During several election periods member of the Senate of Roskilde University.
    December 2000 – April 2007 vice rector of Roskilde University.
  • As vice rector chairman of Educational Committee to the senate and responsible for the Roskilde University’s Quality Development Contract concerning education and learning processes and conditions.
  • Responsible coordinator of EUA project on Creativity in Teaching and Learning (March – December 2006)
  • Board member and Chair of Danish Student Counselling 2001-6
  • Board member of CVU-Sjælland (Centre of Higher Education) 2001-
  • Chair of the board of Himmelev Gymnasium 2006-
  • April 2007- June 2007 authorised by rector to complete education reform at Roskilde University
  • June 2007 –Research sabbatical


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