Øyvind Ihlen

Dr. Øyvind Ihlen is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo; and Associate Professor at Hedmark College, both in Norway.

His research focuses on the strategic communication of organizations, particularly regarding corporate social responsibility, the environment and reputation. In this he typically builds on a mixture of rhetorical and sociological theory. Ihlen’s research has appeared in a range of journals such as Public Relations Review, Journal of Public Relations Research, Journal of Communication Management, International Journal of Strategic Communication, Corporate Communication: An International Journal, Business Strategy and the Environment, and NORDICOM Review, as well as in several anthologies and Nordic journals. Ihlen has been a guest editor of a special issue of Public Relations Review on social theory and public relations, and he is the editor of a volume called Social Theory on Public Relations (forthcoming on Routledge).

He has also published a public relations textbook, a reputation textbook, as well as a book on the framing and reputation management techniques of the Norwegian petroleum industry. The book details how the oil industry attempts to create an understanding of reality that benefits the industry’s interests in relation to themes such as the environment and activity in new petroleum regions.